Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry is the study of potential chemical which can be used for discovery, design and synthesis of a novel drug. Research in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry deals with all kinds of development in the medical industry. Pharmaceutical chemistry deals with the development of drug optimization, which can later be introduced in the market for consumption. The novel drug discovery and experimental design require knowledge in chemistry and biology to executively find the effective target, and further screening will be monitored using computer-based drug structure. Research in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry involves in the synthesis of the drug along with the carrier, preliminary testing, optimization on structure and response, development of standard procedure through repeated experiments and synthesizing drug on an industrial scale. The challenge lies for the researcher while doing the laboratory-scale experiments to an industrial production scale and developing a new designed drug needs people from multiple departments like biology, mathematics, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, bioimaging, pharmaceuticals, etc. The researchers focus on the molecular interaction of the drug with the microorganisms to understand the complications, which is the key factor in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. There are several specific areas of research where people work on discovering different creations, such as antibiotics, drug reaction, etc. The knowledge requires to study the relationship between chemical reactions and biology was enormous, and it is mandatory to develop an effective therapeutic drug for people successfully. Medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry research plays a huge role in proteomics, lipidomic, metabolomic, drug action, biological and biochemical methods, etc.

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