How it Works

Scientific journal editing phases

How to publish in a scientific journal?



Our team reviews your paper first. You have the option to choose an expert from our list; moreover, we can assign an author through our proprietary algorithms that match your paper with an editor and select the apt publication channel. We take care of the aims, scope and guidelines of target journals.



Leave the editing and formatting worries to our experts. Scientific Writing & Publication does all levels of editing and formatting. Style adherence, proofreading, and structure—everything is taken care. We check the title and abstract in detail.



Your paper is now under the scrutiny of a senior editor from your field of study. Editor will review your content and art work through a fine toothed comb. The results are astounding. We provide you a copy of the feedback from the expert. References, tables, figures, and main text—all are taken care of.



Our editors will give your paper an extra edge. Experts will line edit and then it’s ready to go to the next phase. We address reviewers’ comments and enforce version control. All levels of editing and formatting are done; you will receive a copy of the versions.



We work with numerous publishers. Now that the print version of your paper is ready, our editors work on online publication. Scientific Writing & Publication recommends the best places to park your digital paper on the internet; we prepare the cover letter for the manuscript.



We author your work for the publication phase. Before we let go, we give it a final touch. We re-edit the paper again to make it foolproof and peer-review it. Changes are incorporated and your paper is now accepted to be published online and in print; you will get the final copy of the manuscript.