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Agrotechnology is the application of different techniques in farming vegetables, controlling the growth and harvesting of animals. In farming, the primary step is to mechanically process the soil so that the physical condition for planting will be manipulated into the desired state with added nutrients and trace elements to promote the growth of the plant. Later the soil texture will be analysed, and seedbed will be prepared accordingly. There are several types of farming techniques which involves different requirements and procedures. Tenant farming is an agricultural system where the landowner will get shares, and farming will be carried out by the management. They are also referred to as industrial farmers. Farming involves large machinery to carry out different tasks, includes tractors and farming machines. Using such large machineries helps the industrial farmers cover vast ground in a limited period, and the process will be less costly than labour cost. Though farming machines have a wide range of complexities from hand-held implements to modern mechanised agriculture. Agrotechnology uses machines which are diverse in crop production as they handle residues, tillage of the soil, fertiliser distribution all over the farming area, seeding, planting, cultivation, pest control, harvesting, irrigation, erosion and water conservation. In recent times, the technological development in agriculture has been enormous, and the farmers no longer depend on primarily used equipment’s. And now machineries have been introduced in complicated tasks such as handling water, feeds for animals according to the need, as well as for special operation in milk production. Likewise, agrotechnology has a wide range of users, and future development will easy the production and help the farmers with more productive farming technologies.

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