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Environmental Science

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Environmental science is the study of environmental problems, human impacts, and identifying the solutions for environmental issues. It is the interdisciplinary field of science that has a wide range of contribution from many numbers of disciples includes biology, ecology, plant science, information science, physics, chemistry, zoology, meteorology, geology, mineralogy, oceanography, limnology, soil science, and atmospheric science, etc. Environmental science appeared from natural history and medicine as it provides an integrated, quantitative and multifaced approach to the study, with both applied and theoretical approach that has influenced the policies of the governmental organizations around the world.

The difference in environmental science and the ecological studies emphasizes the relationship of humankind with the atmosphere, environment, social and political dimensions. One such comparison between the researchers from ecological studies and environmental science is that the ecological studies researcher will be focusing on the economic and political aspects of climate change protocols. In contrast, the environmental science researcher focusses on quantifying its effect with models and evaluating mitigations.

Environmental studies try to understand the relationship of human in social science, policies and perceptions towards the environment. Environmental sciences focus mainly on the technology and experimental design in improving the environmental quality in almost every aspect. Research professionals work on subjects to understand the process, evaluating alternative energy, natural resource management, effects of climate change and pollution control. Environmental issues involve an interaction of chemical and biological processes.

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