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A learning platform that delivers training with the help of digital resources in a formalized way is known as e-learning or electronic learning. It is a network that enables to transfer knowledge and skills to a large number of recipients and makes it easy for all the users to utilize the resources anywhere possible. In general, e-learning is an online electronic training, learning or educational support which could be accessed anytime through a computer or other electronic devices. Earlier, e-learning was not completely accepted because of lacking human presence. Still, over the period, the development of technology and the advancement in the learning process, as well, the revolution in using electronic gadgets make e-learning a better platform to educate themselves on their comfortable time. In the present stage, e-learning has proved to be the best platform to acquire the required knowledge to develop key skills in the respective area. Moreover, books and blackboard teaching are getting replaced by smart educational materials and e-learning modules. Some of the mandatory factors required for e-learning include a digital or electronic device, internet, and a well-developed management system with the development of multimedia. The most popular and an easy way in delivering the training to students, faculties, researchers, employees and any professionals is through e-learning as it can keep anyone up to date and also in developing new skills or learn remotely.

Pubrica offers support in developing e-learning modules on academic and scientific subjects include Science, Mathematics, Medical, History, Law, Sociology, Political science, etc. We are specialized in delivering the modules as images, videos, audio and graphics as it makes the learning more exciting and engaging compared to the traditional learning system. Our team of educational content developers are certified professionals in scholarly publishing and e-learning content solutions. Pubrica is always committed to delivering high-quality content as we are experienced and specialized in e-learning content writing and content editing based on subject analysis, and target audience.

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