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Dentistry is the study of dental and oral medicine, and it deals with dental problems, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. It also prevents and treats diseases of the soft tissues and supporting strgy, Geriodontics, Oral and maxillofacial pathology, Oral and maxillofacial radiology, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Oral Implantology, Periodontics, Prosthodonticucture such as malformation of maxilla and mandible, misalignment of the teeth and birth defects (Cleft palate) of the oral cavity. In recent times, clinical dental research has improved drastically in developing methods, instrumentation and technology, which include the application of computer technology in diagnosis and clinical measurements which intern increase the quality of health care. The specialization of dentistry includes Anesthesiology, Endodontology, Forensic odontolos and Public health dentistry. Though, dental care is generally viewed as the well-being of the patient and the most common global burden such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. There are several series issues associated with dentistry which includes oral cancer, osteomyelitis, an oral manifestation of HIV infection and Burkett’s lymphoma. In the long run, dentistry not only focuses on individual oral health care, but it also needs to concentrate more on population oral health. It is often called as community dental health care or public health dentistry. With the current trend, the public health approach has to offer much in the dental profession both in developing as well in developed nations.

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