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Pubrica offers a range of services to help authors enhance the quality and presentation of their manuscripts in order to achieve publication success. Our services make it possible for publishers to improve the manuscript acceptance rate and increase visibility of their journals. Pubrica is a preferred partner for leading universities and publishers from around the world.


How Publishers Benefit from us?

Enhance success of publication

Enhance publication acceptance rate by up to 75% through Pubrica experts.

Enhance international journal publication

Enhance publication chances in high-impact factor journals.

Achieve global research goals

Enhance high-impact publications and foster international research collaborations.

Authoring Services

Language Editing & Formatting

Academic English editors in your field will review the language in your manuscript, abstract, thesis, grant, galley proofs, review articles, book chapters, response to reviewers, slide and posters, technical drawing, letters, or academic book to ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly and accurately.

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Translation Services

Showcase your ideas by translating papers to your vernacular language with the help of Pubrica's translators who will ensure your novel ideas are not lost in the process of translation. Our team 500+ certified translators are subject-matter experts who can translate your papers.

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Publication Support

At Pubrica we translate your scientific writing to incisive reports. We offer a team of 200+ professionals and editors in Science, Technology, and Management (STEM). We guide you through the entire life cycle for academic, scientific, and medical publication content. Partner with us today to publish your paper.

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Research Support

Pubrica's team of researchers and authors develop Scientific and medical research papers that can act as an indispensable tool to the practitioner/authors. We understand the author requirements to ensure high scientific impact; support for all phases of Medical & scientific publication.

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Collaboration Model

Co-branding with Publishers

Publishers get a customized and private web portal for easy publication submission for their researchers and faculty staff.

Exclusive Recommendation

Publishers can exclusively recommend our services to their researchers and faculty staff with discounted pricing. You can recommend our services by

  • Emailing your authors
  • Recommending us through your intranet

Features of collaboration

  • Attractive pricing for publication agencies
  • Assured data security of client details and manuscript
  • MIS Reports – Dashboard to view all reports
  • Monthly billing and invoicing
  • Knowledge platform with comprehensive and up-to-date resources related to the publishing industry
  • Payment option either by publisher, researcher, or both

Our partners and clients

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