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September 21, 2020
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September 16, 2020
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September 25, 2020

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In brief:

  • The growth of cardiac CT is directly corresponding to the viable clinical demand for improved imaging and the technological development seen with subsequent generations of scanners.
  • This stable evolution has now regular coronary estimate with a high degree of accuracy at low levels of emission for both acute and stable lesions.
  • To publish a scientific paper inprofessional manuscript editing, especially in cardiovascular computer tomography like editing, proofreading, rewriting is required to get a quality document.


Cardiac computer tomography (CT). Specifically, coronary CT angiography has made significant progress. It is one of the leading non-invasive modalities for diagnosis of coronary artery diseases during the past year the Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography is an established, universal cardiovascular CT association along with cardiologists and radiologists, from fundamental to clinical academic researchers, to a private specialist, engineers, associated professionals, industry and trainees–all necessary and interdependent members of the global cardiovascular CT community. They can take images of beating heart, calcium blockages in your arteries. MCDT  is a speedy type of Computed tomography scan. It creates a picture of the healthy and diseased part of your heart.

Manuscript Categories

  • Original Research
  • Review article
  • Technical report
  • Case Report
  • Practical Tips/Tricks
  • Editorial
  • Book Reviews

Original Research:

It is the most common type used to publish full reports of data from research. It includes introduction, methods, results and discussion section. The Journal strength the submission of manuscripts of pattern data from the animal, pre-clinical, clinical and technical examination. Such research paper publications providea detailed description of the background, research methodology, results and discussion as outlined in the instructions for Authors. Clinical trials should be registered appropriately, and the registration number should be present in the manuscript. Although length is not described for original articles, in general, the document should not more than 4000 words,and there should be proper 8figures, tables, and references.

Review articles

It is a broad summary of research on a certain topic and different perspective of the field. Review manuscripts are determinedto associate systematic review technique and undergo critical research paper publication to ensure accuracy and balance. And review articles should contain a brief abstract that explains the main objective of the paper.


Technical reports illustrate a new technology, utilization or observation, and are generally used to report initial, exploratory or hypothesis-generating studies. The information should contain an abstract, a brief introduction, and a full methodology and result. This format has a strict length limit, so some experimental design is not published.

Case Reports:  Cardiovascular CT

These type of articles report a specific instance of exciting phenomena. The ultimate goal of this case study is to make other researchers aware of the possibility of particular phenomena that may occur. Cardiovascular CT case reports arepublished as open access. High-quality figures are essential; supplementary files are strongly encouraged. Figure legends are not to afford, much rather, the statistics should be pointed out to and, if mandatory, describe, in the body of the manuscript. No abstract is required, and no morereferences are permitted.

Practical Tips/Tricks

Brief,concentrated analysis on a practical condition for developing act and interpretation ofcardiovascular CT


Editorials are suggested manuscripts that usually follow an Original Research article in the same issue of the medical journal publication of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. Which comment on specific findings within the original research articles that particularly highlightessential aspects, and point out areas that require further clarification. A criticalfactor is to put the newly reported findings in the context of already published research.

Book Reviews

Newly issued books may be sent to the Editor in Chief for the attention of review.


Cardiac CT is now afundamental tool for cardiologists. Although initial work was clouded by the risk of high emission exposure and artefact-induced diagnostic uncertainty, the capacity of CT technology has matured to a high degree of efficiency and a complete number of indications.Our expert team can do in both medical and scientific subjects which can include in proofreading, editing services and plagiarism corrections.


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