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October 31, 2018
October 31, 2018
What do STROBE guidelines entail?
October 31, 2018

Structuring your Sentences

Research scholars and students often worry about enhancing their writing skills in order to ensure that the papers they write are effective and make an impact on their target audience. ‘Practice makes Perfect’ is an adage that they need to follow. The mantra to enhance your writing skill would be to get more practice. Anybody who is into sports will agree that the more you practice, the more you enhance your skill in a particular sport. The same example can be applied to a person who has just learnt to drive a car. The more the person drives, the more hands-on experience he or she would obtain and would eventually get better at it.

Akin to a sports coach or a driving instructor can provide you with hints to improve your sport or driving skills, we present you with valuable tips that you can apply to improve your writing skills.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you form your sentences correctly. Structuring your sentences right will clearly communicate your message, making it easy for the reader. There are certain specific rules that you can follow using which you can make your sentences to highlight the ideas that you think is critical. Some valuable hints are outlined herein. If you remember these hints and use it for revising your sentences, your end result would turn out to be more effective.

Hint #1: Make your Verbs and Subjects Interesting

Effectively utilize verbs and subjects to state the main actions and actors.

Refrain from saying:

‘The objective of the organization was to make Rs. 50 million in profits’.


‘The organization’s objective was to augment its profit by Rs.50 million’.

Use strong verbs (refrain from using passive voice)

Always attempt to steer clear from am, were, is, was, been, made

Refrain from saying:

‘The organization is now the leader….its officers make speeches…’


‘The organization is now a leader in electronics….its officers speak’.

Refrain from saying:

‘The 1990 law is seen as fair….costs have been exaggerated’.


‘Businesses see the 1990 law as fair, opponents have exaggerated’.

Hint #2: Fluctuate Sentence Types

Writers who are effective utilize different types of sentences to ensure engagement with their readers and holding their interest. Some different ways of writing sentences are mentioned below:-

Using transition words to link ideas within sentences

It is of utmost importance that due attention is paid to the manner in which you commence and end your sentences. It is advised that you use sentence beginnings and endings to signal readers about points that are of utmost significance.

What readers already know, they expect it at the beginning of the sentence, while they expect new information at the end. An effective way to bring this out is by ensuring that the sentence beginning should transition to establish the link of a new idea to what was said in the past.

Everyone is aware that teachers earn low salaries. In spite of meager salaries, most teachers are reported to be very satisfied with their jobs; however, a large number of teachers leave their jobs after a period of five years. Is this high attrition rate a result of the fact that teaching as a profession is dominated by women? No one knows for sure but, these sentiments are based on statistics.

The statements that have been highlighted in italics and have been underlined are examples of how various types of sentences have been structured and also indicate transition words.

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