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Compared to copyediting, writing is relatively easy. While authors might be well-versed with the finer nuances of writing, they seldom have detailed knowledge about copyediting.

Copyediting any written material is an intrinsic aspect that is associated with the process of writing. Copyediting is mandatory as it ensures that the copy is crisp, relevant and to the point.

Copy editing services at Pubrica always cater to the need of authors and serve a basic objective of an error-free publication. Our team of copyeditors are well experienced with copy editing and acts as an author’s second pair of eyes, to point out and usually correct errors or inconsistencies in content usage and syntax, infelicities of grammar, inconsistencies, mechanical error, etc.

We realize the importance of words which are crucial tools in the realm of correspondence, instruction, and artistic / literary success; words can tell a story and instigate feelings; expressions, when utilized accurately can be evidence for a professional and competent individual / company. On the other hand, poor use of language, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling, can elicit an upsetting response from your audience, be it a reader of your article or a tutor evaluating your research paper. Considering these important aspects, we offer proofreading and copyediting solutions to suit you, your position and your goal. We also provide clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness in service of the “Cardinal C”: Communication.

Our team is specialized in rectifying inconsistencies, unidiomatic, confusing, ambiguous, or inappropriate content without attempting to impose our style preferences or invade on prejudices of the author. At Pubrica, we methodically analyze your document according to your audience and amend the content to improve: structure, readability, accuracy, presentation, clarity, brevity, etc. Consistency and aim of any printed document are to express a message to the readers. We aim to retain your objective of writing and assist you in communicating effectively with your readers.
Pubrica is experienced in handling various style manuals such as “The Chicago Manual of Style and Words in to Type, publication manual of the American Psychological Association and Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual, The New York Public Library Writers guide to style and Usage). Pubrica offers various levels of copyediting services that include mechanical editing, correlating parts, language editing, content editing, permissions, and type-coding.

We Serve

Pubrica also helps in the following areas

Rephrasing & revising structure of the sentence and enhancing word choice
Elimination of repetitions and ensure logical flow

Special editing involves subject matter expertise for critical review of the manuscript
Reducing plagiarism

Developmental Content editing

Being in the academic field for more than fifteen years, Pubrica is a pioneer in handling content editing. We bring to the author’s attention any internal inconsistencies or discrepancies in content as well as any structural and organization problems.

Mechanical Editing

At this phase Pubrica ensures that manuscripts and textbooks conform to an editorial style such as spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, treatment of numbers and numerals, treatment of quotations, use of abbreviations and acronyms, use of italics and bold type and treatment of special elements and format of footnotes or endnotes. The team at Pubrica is well experienced in handling mechanical editing and makes a good judgment.

Correlating Parts

The copyeditors at Pubrica provide special attention to correlating parts of the manuscript such as verification of cross references, checking the numbering of footnotes, endnotes, specifying the placement of tables and illustrations, reading the list of illustrations against the captions and reading the table of content of the manuscript.

Reference and Formatting

Collating references for scholarly work is a challenging and cumbersome process. While commencing scientific writing the researcher refers various sources like peer reviewed journals, Ph.D. thesis, books, reports, internet sources, for building the outline of the literature of the selected topic. The primary / secondary sources of information collected for the references which are cited or quoted in the research work needs to be listed in the bibliography. It is essential for the researcher to maintain uniformity and consistency throughout the writing and while reporting the references.

Further, there are several referencing styles which has to be applied as per the guidelines laid down by the journal or by institutions where the paper will be submitted. The referencing style is categorized into various categories, which includes the Style of reference

  • Harvard style
  • American Psychological Association (APA) style
  • Chicago and CSE
  • Numeric system
  • Vancouver
  • MLA

Reference Lists entries for electronic sources

  • Digital Object identifiers to replace URLs (to relocate an online document even after the document moves to a new URL)
  • Reference Notes
  • Location of in-text note indicator
  • Placement of notes (footnotes versus endnotes)
  • Bibliographies
  • Manuscript Writing and Publishing

Plagiarism Correction Services

While the internet has emerged as a rich source of information that can be used constructively, it also has a flip side. This very rich medium of information can be misused. Individuals and entities alike have been known to use the ‘copy and paste’ method to pass off information extracted from other sources as their own. This ‘copy and paste’ method can have serious repercussions. We are an organization that understands the implications of plagiarism and initiate steps to obliterate plagiarized content from your documents. We not only keen your documents for plagiarized content but also replace such content with original content.

Why Choose Pubrica?

  • Thorough checking: The team at Pubrica uses multiple tools to detect plagiarism. Every document they process is thoroughly checked for plagiarized content, and any such content is replaced with original content
  • Cost effective: While our plagiarism correction services are exemplary; you can also be assured that the services we provide are cost effective.
  • Extended consultation: While your documents are closely scrutinized, we also ensure to keep you informed of any plagiarism that we detect. Any subsequent change that we make is done after due consultation with you.
  • High-quality professional services:We provide high-quality professional plagiarism correction services where we pinpoint the source of plagiarized content.
  • Attention to detail: Project coordinators at Pubrica don’t just focus on the overall project but also take into account the minutest details ensuring timely project delivery through resourceful thinking and prompt response.
  • Specialized expertise: Our expert team of plagiarism checkers are aptly supported by proficient writers who work meticulously to deliver optimum results.

The editorial assessment team at Pubrica closely scrutinizes every aspect of your paper to understand the level or kind of copyediting that is required which enables us to enhance the overall content. To ensure that our clients are in alignment with our process we submit a portion of the work (in case of a dissertation it could be the first chapter, roughly around 1700 words) as a sample. We conduct a primary evaluation of your paper and offer suggestions on how best it can be improved. Usually, the time taken for editorial assessment would span between two and three weeks. On the basis of the results, the services of either a line editor, developmental editor or a content editor is recommended. In case clients opt to avail our editing services that they require for their paper, an appropriate specialist editor is assigned to them who will edit your paper in detail and address any comments that have been outlined at the time of editorial assessment. We also offer clients with the flexibility of working with their individual editor and making the suggested changes on their own.

Note: It is worthwhile to mention that the process of editorial assessment in no way can be considered as an alternative to the editorial services that we offer. Editorial assessment only acts as a primary tool that diagnoses the paper for inconsistences and identifying areas in your paper that requires enhancement. It also provides an idea about the kind of editing that might be required.

Our Guarantees

Outsource your work to our ePub team

We connect you to the right personnel and provide easy access and establish an open communication channel that helps you specify your requirements. We provide unlimited support to all our clients thereby we ensure the long-lasting relationship with our partners. Your requirements are clearly comprehended irrespective of whether it is related to upgrading or fixing page numbers or proofreading. Guidance is offered at every stage with every minute aspect of your requirement being taken into consideration.

Our Expertise

Encompasses text and word processing formats, tables and columnar information, non-keyboard characters, propriety formats, book, journals and technical manuals, formulas (basic and advanced technical), document/articles in European language

Global workforce

Our workforce transcend geographical boundaries and have established presence in India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the US and the UK

Round the Clock 24/7

operations to support all time zones. End-to-End Service: We provide end to end service along with quick turnaround time from 24 hours to the timeline that you fix so that you can reach the market quickly

Cost effective

as the costing is customized on the basis of the project and volume.


Pubrica e-publishing services ensures and offers an accuracy level of 99.98% .We provide unlimited support to clients

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Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


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  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal

  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal

    Jessica -US
  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal


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