E-Publishing Services

E-Publishing Services

Today, ePublishing industry is an integral part of modern business as it has replaced old fashioned hard copy to customized electronic usage including online libraries, smartphones, and specialized e-readers such as kindle and NOOK.

These electronic formats have changed the business, and now many e-commerce establishments have recorded more e-book sales as compared to print versions. However, moving to such format is not easy as it requires custom conversion software and any publisher would need much dedication along with sizable and continual investment in software and training programs

Leading companies outsource their ePub conversion services. We offer ePub conversion services from printed manuscript or digital source. Our team is highly experienced in e-publishing services in the field of academic, scientific, medical books and journals, corporate sales and marketing departments and e-newspaper and magazines. Our in-depth industry knowledge and domain expertise enable companies to access data from multiple handheld devices, offer precise results, encompass large range of technological specifications, and with the leadership we could able to frequently upgrade the team and technology at constant pace. We serve wide range of industries and across multiple verticals including authors, businesses, universities and libraries. Companies rely on us for cost effective ePub conversion services

By outsourcing E-publishing services to Pubrica, we enable companies to reduce the processing time to more than fifty percent. Pubrica has a robust team and is endowed with the capability to convert books into formats within a given turnaround time We use software and technologies and offer end to end solutions from editorial and production services to marketing for trade and associations. Our software has a capability to automate the rights and permission for STM publishers

We Serve

Content Providers

Publishers of Journals & Books, University Presses, SDO, Government Agencies, Associations, Societies

Solution Partners

Publishers, Search Platforms, Full text online, DB providers, Package & print subscription providers

Users & Consumers

Universities, Corporations, Libraries, Legal Corporation, Archivists, Auction Houses


Rephrasing & revising structure of the sentence and enhancing word choice
Elimination of repetitions and ensure logical flow

Special editing involves subject matter expertise for critical review of the manuscript
Reducing plagiarism

Other Services

eBook Creation Services

We offer eBook creation services where we ensure read aloud fixed layout epub conversion and ensure that your work or business content reaches a wide targeted audience. Our eBook creation services utilize the most updated technologies and tools in ePublication that includes KF8, PRC, Mobi, ePub 2.0.1 and 3.0 to match pace with the current day techno-savvy audience. Our team is experienced in handling wide technologies and tools including Indesign, Illustrator, Sigil, Calibre, Woopie, Open office, MsOffice, Calibre, HTML editor, OCR tools, ePub Packer, online validator, and ePub Reader. We have the capability to accept all formats including DEO, text, or HTML, or XHTML, manuscripts, scanned copies, quark, print/hard copies, page maker image, MsWord, InDesign and PDF

eBook Conversion

We convert raw content into any standardized or proprietary format. Our team has capability to handle more than 10 European languages where language nuances are addressed by appropriate work engines. We ensure to link table of content to corresponding placement for a seamless reading. Further, we also provide re-formatting and re-pagination and correct header and footers. We convert eBook to another format such as Kindle to Nook

Image & illustration proofing and formatting

We also draw and redraw the images and also convert image so that the pictures and drawings are reproduced in an accurate manner. We scan and resize images to different formats

Input Format

We have the capability to accept all formats including DEO, text, or HTML, or XHTML, manuscripts, scanned copies, quark, print/hard copies, page maker image, MsWord, InDesign, PDF. Have the capability to develop templates and outputting in multiple formats (MS Word, PDF, XML, InDesign, Quark), and work in cross platforms

Upgrade Version

We help you to upgrade the files and formats to user-friendly structure including HTML 5, EPUB3, and much more. Experts in both PC and MAC environment.

XML Services

  • Editing tools based on TeX/LaTeX, XML and MS-Word which are customized.
  • Style sheet is customized to incorporate DTD of customer. Specific tools to control quality
  • Ensure XML delivery during revisions, page proofs, issues or during diverse stages.
  • Publisher’s DTD is utilized to generate XML files
  • DTD is converted from one type to another
  • Typesetting facilitated from XML files while incorporating auto-pagination in 3B2 Solutions offered in multiple formats including ASCII and HTML

Scanning, Testing & Delivery

  • Scanning – Scanning services are provided with the help of SPS which is also used to digitize print books or convert it to eBooks.
  • Testing – Testing the integrity of the eBooks is also facilitated with the help of SPS.
  • Delivery – Delivery of eBooks to end consumers is facilitated through the inbuilt eBook store and eBook library platforms within SPS.

Format Conversion

We insert Table of content to the appropriate page. We even ensure repagination to match the format.

XML First Workflow

The publishing workflow from a conventional sense follows the process that involves; compositing, editing, authoring, correction, proof reading, typesetting and printing/eBook delivery.

Though it is not possible to avoid the conventional procedure on the whole, the process is quite extensive which results in augmenting the cost of publishing. The time required for the process could be reduced with the use of an advanced XML workflow. At the same time, it would also help in maintaining the cost, quality and schedules at levels that are optimum.

Having more than ten years of experience in catering to the requirements of the leaders from the publishing industry, a proprietary XML first workflow has been formulated by Pubrica with the objective of satiating the needs of individual publishing houses, regardless of the scope and size of their work procedures. The XML first workflow developed by us facilitates publishers to upload, search, manage, store, retrieve and deliver the content in a dynamic manner by categorically adhering to the standards of quality prescribed.

This rather flexible and innovative approached is deployed within our products to outline the costs for clients from journal publications and STMs.

eBook and Content Security

While asset digitization presents several advantages to businesses in the context of managing data, the main challenge faced by content communities is to safeguard their rights for all their intellectual properties. It is not easy to exploit the contents of a conventional book owing to its physicality. But in the present day, with the increased use of eBooks the scope for unauthorized copying has brought to the fore several instances where copyright laws have been violated when eBook contents have been copied and transmitted through piracy.

To tackle this challenge, a primary method to safeguard eBook content from unauthorized copying and distribution without the right permissions is with the help of digital rights management (DRM). DRM method is utilized to ensure that the content from eBooks are safeguarded and prohibit any infringement in copyrights. This process ensures encryption of the eBook content which restricts the scope of unauthorized users from accessing or copying it. With the help of DRM security for the content is ensured and in addition, the number of devices that are used to access an eBook is also restricted.

A large number of DRM solutions that presently exist in the market are quite intricate which makes it rather difficult to implement, utilize or most of the times the costing is very high. Considering the dilemma of the publishing sector and their need for a DRM solution which offers ease of implementation, Pubrica has designed a DRM that incorporates an encryption feature allowing the content to be secured and restricts its distribution to users and systems that have been authorized in advance. Needless to say, the solution is quite cost effective and can be acquired even by publishers who operate on a small or medium level.

Composition/Typesetting Services

Publishers aim to achieve a dual purpose where they attempt to bring down costs while enhancing productivity by adopting innovative solutions that advances their production capacity.

It is imperative to enhance production and bring down costs at the same time as it ensures the production objectives of the publisher are met while maintaining a strict control over costs.

As an expert in this domain, Pubrica offers services related to composition that are not only cost effective but extensive at the same time while taking into its ambit electronic as well as print media to organizations and publishers the world over. By availing our services clients are able to bring down the rate of risk while minimizing costs involved in production by around 30 – 50%. In addition, we also enable organizations to effectively manage content and assets.

Our highly skilled and experienced compositors have the knowledge and acumen to deliver exceptional services with the help of diverse typesetting software like Quark, Framemaker, Advent, InDesign, Word and LaTex.

Our services include
  • STM books and journals
  • B2B books and journals
  • Magazines
  • Proceedings
  • Recipe books
  • Law books
  • School books
  • Catalogues
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Dictionaries and Directories
  • Comic books

Being abreast of technological innovations within the domain which includes workflows that are driven by XML, we are in a better position to provide exemplary services to our clients. Accurate DTP typesetting services, graphics design, online printing and desktop publishing are offered by our experts. Having hands on experience in every kind of publishing services, we can convert a digital copy or a manuscript into complete source files, pdf or postscript with much proficiency and superlative quality.

Empowered with latest technology, we can also offer DTP and typesetting services of supreme quality irrespective of geographical boundaries either through CDs, email or FTP drives. Our team of highly experienced and skilled graphic designers and desktop publishing professionals, you can expect the best results. Clients can leverage the knowledge and experience of our professionals to get their tasks delivered irrespective of the typesetting project.

Project Management Services

Absence of project management skills can hamper the process of production, affect the distribution and can make a huge impact on the overall operational costs.

Effectively managing a project in the realm of publishing is imperative to the organizational goals and can determine the success or failure of the organization.

Following the confirmation of a project, the production and editorial managers at Pubrica execute it from the start to the end.

This is done on the basis of their hands-on experience, reliable methodology and cutting edge tools for managing the production. Apart from scheduling tracking and fail-safe, the scope of our project management varies from composition to total service while including;

Our Offerings
  • Taking ownership of the project right from beginning to such time the final file is dispatched while ensuring total coordination and management at every stage.
  • Fail proof scheduling and continuous follow-up to ensure that the timelines as specified by the publisher is met.
  • Seamless interaction with production houses, authors, editors and publishers.
  • Ensuring that manuscripts and page proofs are tracked continuously
  • throughout the production process.
  • Amalgamating any corrections as specified by editors, authors and
  • publishers returned proof to master set. Cast-off
  • Project Management System
  • Status Reporting
Our services also take into its ambit the following
  • Editors, customers, authors
  • Printers, indexers, translators, copyeditors
  • Illustrators / graphic designers
  • Managing art programs inclusive of permissions
  • Keep the best interest of the publisher in mind during editorial oversight
  • Proof routing
  • Masterproof set compilation – consolidating and coordinating corrections to page
  • Amassing content for front and back portions
  • Keeping track of the length of the page and intimating the impact on cost of publishing
  • An eye for quality

Our Guarantees

Outsource your work to our ePub team

We connect you to the right personnel and provide easy access and establish an open communication channel that helps you specify your requirements. We provide unlimited support to all our clients thereby we ensure the long-lasting relationship with our partners. Your requirements are clearly comprehended irrespective of whether it is related to upgrading or fixing page numbers or proofreading. Guidance is offered at every stage with every minute aspect of your requirement being taken into consideration.

Our Expertise

Encompasses text and word processing formats, tables and columnar information, non-keyboard characters, propriety formats, book, journals and technical manuals, formulas (basic and advanced technical), document/articles in European language

Global workforce

Our workforce transcend geographical boundaries and have established presence in India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the US and the UK

Round the Clock 24/7

operations to support all time zones. End-to-End Service: We provide end to end service along with quick turnaround time from 24 hours to the timeline that you fix so that you can reach the market quickly

Cost effective

as the costing is customized on the basis of the project and volume.


Pubrica e-publishing services ensures and offers an accuracy level of 99.98% .We provide unlimited support to clients

How We Work

Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Our Testimonial

  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal

  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal

    Jessica -US
  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal


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