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Having your manuscript edited before submission to your target journal will significantly increase your chances of publication success.

Most authors are unaware about this aspect of the publication process and send unedited papers which are often rejected. To avoid the scope for rejection, it is necessary that they avail publication support which could be anything from copyediting to proofreading to referencing and formatting.

Pubrica has a team of editors with subject matter knowledge in several domains . We can provide a highly proficient editor with experience in peer-review publishing. Our editors are well-informed and specialize in the domain of research, most of them are PhD scholars, so you can confidently entrust your paper to Pubrica.

We also have experienced STM writers who are well-versed with the nuances of writing superior quality journal papers for students who are pursuing PhD. In addition, our team of writers have vast knowledge about diverse subjects with appropriate experience within the industry and are ably supported by a robust team of individuals who specialize in research methodology, statistics and editors and proof readers who are highly qualified and have certifications from the leading universities from the US, the UK and India.

We Serve

Pubrica will provide the following services for boosting your manuscript:

Corrects grammatical errors
Edits for clarity and accuracy of scientific expressions
Clearly communicates the novelty and significance of your research

Edits to the requirements of your target journal
Edits references for your target journal
2 rounds of editing to guarantee all problems are fixed

Our objective is to increase the scope of your paper being accepted for publication by your target journal. No matter what the level of your manuscript is, we do what is necessary to bring your paper’s language up to the level required by international journals, their editors, and reviewers.

Re-Editing Services

Apart from our writing and editorial services, we also offer value- added publication support services to the authors. We are confident that our editing will improve the overall quality of your paper. If you accept our editor’s changes and your paper is rejected by your journal for English language errors, we promise to re-edit your document for free. Further, if material added to your paper after our editor’s work on your manuscript is not included in the guarantee, we recommend that you send us your final draft for editing.

Cover Letter Framing

If you are keen to publish your research in a journal, you must convince a journal editor to accept your research work. This way you get a chance to sell your paper to the editor. You can convince the editor to consider your paper by explaining him what your research contributes to the particular field and why it should be published. Pubrica develops and frames strong and convincing cover letter by highlighting important points and the major strengths of your manuscript.

  • Identifies and conveys why the research is important to the readers of the journal.
  • Explains the innovation involved in your paper.
  • Conforms to the guidelines of the target journal
  • Adds essential acknowledgments, statements and declarations
  • Incorporates author’s recommended reviews

Journal Selection

Pubrica experts provide an in-depth recommendation based on your needs and your specific manuscript. Our experts will help you select the right scientific journal based on the audience, your chances of being cited, the entire content of your manuscript, your personal preference to provide you with a customized and detailed journal recommendation and most importantly your reputation in your field of specialization. Based on the above criteria, the final report will list three to five peer-reviewed journals with an impact factor calculated by Thomson Reuters (ISI) as well as category ranking in Journal Citation Reports.

Your customer journal recommendation report from Pubrica will contain specific information regarding each recommendation journal, including

  • Scope
  • Audience
  • Urgency to publish
  • Accessibility features
  • Article type (Letter, Original Article, Review etc)
  • Significance of article
  • Impact factor
  • Contact information
  • Average acceptance rate*
  • Average timelines* from submission to acceptance and from acceptance to publication
  • Anticipated publication cost
  • May not be available for some journals

Expert Opinion

Papers are rejected for several reasons but such elimination can be avoided by obtaining an unbiased expert opinion before submitting it to a relevant journal. Pubrica offers this expert opinion before submission which in turn would minimize the probability of rejection. It works as given in the following

  • You need to send the final manuscript
  • Experts critically reviews the manuscript with all necessary information
  • The reviewer will prepare the evaluation report and lists recommendation on improvements
  • We evaluate in terms of
  • Significance of the research
  • Comprehensive background
  • Results presented are clear and precise
  • Evidence support conclusion
  • Appropriate statistical modeling used and described
  • Tables and figures are presented effectively

Pre-submission Peer Review Formatting

In addition, we also prepare your manuscript or other files and fix everything before submitting it to your journal. Our journal formatting service adheres to your journal style sheet format and assures you of our quality journal formatting process. Layout, spacing or references are taken care to meet the journal guideline. Our role is not just restricted to adding references and formatting in accordance with the journal guidelines but we also help you with the technical content for any missing details in your paper as well.

Our Guarantees

Outsource your work to our ePub team

We connect you to the right personnel and provide easy access and establish an open communication channel that helps you specify your requirements. We provide unlimited support to all our clients thereby we ensure the long-lasting relationship with our partners. Your requirements are clearly comprehended irrespective of whether it is related to upgrading or fixing page numbers or proofreading. Guidance is offered at every stage with every minute aspect of your requirement being taken into consideration.

Our Expertise

Encompasses text and word processing formats, tables and columnar information, non-keyboard characters, propriety formats, book, journals and technical manuals, formulas (basic and advanced technical), document/articles in European language

Global workforce

Our workforce transcend geographical boundaries and have established presence in India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the US and the UK

Round the Clock 24/7

operations to support all time zones. End-to-End Service: We provide end to end service along with quick turnaround time from 24 hours to the timeline that you fix so that you can reach the market quickly

Cost effective

as the costing is customized on the basis of the project and volume.


Pubrica e-publishing services ensures and offers an accuracy level of 99.98% .We provide unlimited support to clients

How We Work

Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Enjoy the advantages of fully integrated print


Our Testimonial

  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal

  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal

    Jessica -US
  • My manuscript was formatted by Pubrica, but I need to submit to a different journal. Can you re-format my manuscript for a new journal


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