Experimental, Study Design

Experiment / Study Design

A research design is never perfect, and internal validity of observations can be threatened in two major ways: systematic error and random error. Proper planning, design, and analysis are essential in minimizing the impact of these threats to the validity of scientific observation. Therefore, determining the optimal methodology requires an understanding of outcome measures and the threats to internal validity (bias and confounding) and external validity.

At Pubrica, our team of researchers has wide range of experience and expertise to develop various forms of research study based on the objectives. For instance, studies of screening tests, diagnostics, prevention and therapeutic intervention, we use the randomized clinical trial (RCT). There are many instances, however, in which employing the experimental design is difficult or impossible, premature, or unethical. For this reason, there are a variety of what are called quasi-experimental design, as well as descriptive and observational designs.


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Types of Literature Review: We undertake different types of literature reviews Traditional or narrative literature review, Systematic literature review, Meta-analysis.


Wide range of sources: Database: CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature), Cochrane Library, Maternity and Infant Care (MIDIRS), PubMed / MEDLINE, PsychINFO

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