Our Quality

Quality is an aspect that we take very seriously. We ensure that every book, paper or any other literature that we publish is of the highest quality. All printed and digital publications are run through a series of quality checks and quality assurance process that ascertains that quality is not compromised at any cost. Prior to publishing, the material is peer reviewed to ensure that the content is perfectly aligned, structured, formatted and referenced. This is followed by an editing process to check for inconsistencies in language and sentence formation. Later, depending on the subject matter, an expert is assigned to conduct a quality check and the material is duly finalized after an in-depth quality assurance process. These multiple levels of checks ensure that quality is maintained at all times.

Domain Specific Experts

Pubrica boasts of a robust team of subject matter experts who specialize in a single domain or have a mastery over several domains. These experts play a critical role in analyzing the content prior to publishing which is imperative to ensure quality. The domain knowledge possessed by our experts is particularly beneficial to ensure that the content matches the topic. In case of conference proceedings, our domain experts provide guidance on target journals where it can published.

Editorial Process

The editorial process that we practice at Pubrica is quite exhaustive. Our team of highly proficient editors who also have subject knowledge crisply edit the material for creating a profound impact on the readers. Every aspect, such as use of language, jargons, grammatical and spelling errors and inconsistences in sentence formation is looked into and rectified.

Service Guarantee

Our values – commitment, excellence and teamwork – justify our service guarantee. We are obliged to consider the needs and requirements of our clients and ensure that the expected service is delivered in a timely manner.


Confidentiality ranks high amongst our priorities. At Pubrica, we ensure that utmost confidentiality is maintained at all times with regards to publishing activities. All literary material is electronically secured at all times with restricted access accorded to specific individuals. Identity of the client or their personal information is never revealed to experts. Prior to undertaking any publishing project, experts associated with the project have to mandatorily sign a non-disclosure agreement which is legal and binding at all times. Pubrica also assures that personal information of the client is not handed out to third parties even after the period of contract is over.


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