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Comprehensive manuscript publication support services

Save time and money with the help of Subject-Matter experts (SMEs).

Manuscript's novel idea conceptualization, manuscript's title and abstract, manuscript's target journal, target journal guidelines, manuscript technical screening, manuscript deep copyediting, manuscript rewriting, manuscript artwork preparation, reviewers' response letter, manuscript reviewers' comments, manuscript's plagiarism check, and manuscript submission—these are the various phases we support you.

publication support

At Pubrica we translate your writing to incisive reports. We guide you through the entire lifecycle for academic, scientific, and medical content.

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Research Services

Systematic review, meta- analyses, clinical literature review, evidence based literature review, case study analysis, experimental methodology, primary epidemiological studies.

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physician writing services

Need to do a literature search and present findings, but lack time? You’ve reached the right place; we coordinate with authors, respond to comments, and manage revisions...

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Editing and translation

Substantive, medium, and low—these are the various levels of copyediting we offer. Our in-house translators will do the translation and offer you a comparision with online translation tools…

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scientific communication service

Effective and intelligible communication of your scientific works across the population by the experts in the field from Pubrica scientific communication service.

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Collaborate with Pubrica Scientific Writing and Publishing

An array of writing services that cover academic, scientific, business, medical, and technology. Regulatory writing, Clinical Report Forms (CRF), biostatistics, manuscripts, business writing, physician reports, thesis, medical writing, and more. We assist medical doctors, students, hospitals, pharma, and device manufacturers in their quest for a credible writing partner.

Complete support

Over 200 academic luminaries, industry veterans in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and medicine who work on 170 topics of research.

Cost effective

Our editorial team peer review numerous journals and hence we know the rigmarole of this process. Circumvent rejection of your manuscript by your publisher; save time and money through our support.

Therapeutic Expertise

Our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) support you in phase 1 through phase 4 of clinical research trials. Cardiology, diabetology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology and more.

Standards & Compliance

All writers are certified by American Medical Writing Association (AMWA) and European Medical Writing Association (EMWA). Compliance with International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), and more.

Our experience

SMEs available across life science, computer science, medicine and technology; pundits with niche therapeutic repertoire are with you at every stage of the process. Scientific Writing & Publishing team is your aide—publishing in a journal or getting a regulatory drug approval is now easy; moreover, all writers are certified by American Medical Writing Association (AMWA) and European Medical Writing Association (EMWA). One hundred per cent quality assurance guaranteed through compliance with International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), Conformité European (CE), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Good Clinical Practice (GCP); on par with Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and more. Contact us through +91 9884350006.


SMEs in niche areas pen your papers











Pubrica Scientific Writing & Publication offers comprehensive medical, scientific, technical, and business writing services. We offer an array of writing services: manuscript writing, regulatory writing, Clinical Report Form (CRF) writing, biostatistical report writing, academic and business writing, physician writing, medical writing and more. Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and pundits with therapeutic repertoire. Publishing that medical paper or getting a regulatory drug approval is now easy. We assist you in every phase of your project. Save time and money through our support; Contact us through +91 9884350006.

Scientific Writing and Medical Publishing

Entrust your writing work to connoisseurs; certified pros, prolific writers and acclaimed authors. Morph your concepts into incisive reports with our array of writing services: regulatory writing, Clinical Report Forms (CRF), biostatistics, manuscripts, business writing, physician reports, medical writing and more.

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